Security Systems

Security Systems

We'll keep you safe and sound...

Security Systems

Security solutions are changing.

More and more organisations are reaping the benefits of consolidating their electronic  security disciplines with one multifaceted service provider.   

The fm Company (UK) Ltd delivers:

  • CCTV installation & maintenance
  • Access Control installation & maintenance
  • Intruder Alarm installation &  maintenance
  • Fire Alarm installation & maintenance
  • Gates, Barriers Turnstiles & Fencing installation & maintenance

Cost reduction is just one of those benefits, but there are others too.  Imagine just one supplier to deal with for all security requirements, imagine just one single invoice to deal with, imagine multiple systems maintenances being carried out during the same visit to save time, imagine one contact number to find when you need something...

We're in a position to look at security as an interlinked solution, and make sure that each element works harmoniously to get the best results from the next.

Whether you're looking for a stand-alone installation or a total security package,  we'll ensure you achieve the most well managed, financially and operationally viable solution.

No installation or service and maintenance contract is too small for us...